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Our vision - Talent & Passion

With Jeunes Restaurateurs d’Europe (JRE) everything revolves around sharing and propagating talent and passion. The young chefs show great solidarity with each other and exchange their cooking knowledge and expertise with pleasure. And you as a guest reap the fruits of this!

As put into words by the members themselves:

with a wish to become a full – fledged member of the continent of flavours, colours and aromas, the realm of inventive cuisine, we united talent and drive and strive to make our name renowned throughout the world.

a genuine endeavour to form an enduring movement having the greatest regard for the vast heritage of culinary arts and savoir – vivre, with an ambition to enhance and share it.

a commitment to beget, along with our associates and counterparts, a great family bound as one, resolute, ever ready to incessantly renew our art, such that our cuisine may serve as an example for generations to come and delight the women and men of our times.