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IQ Istrian Quality

The uniqueness of the Istrian malvasia

IQ and Istrian malvasia. Sounds good, but it’s the story behind the mark that gives it meaning.

In the last three years, VinIstra, the Association of Istrian Wine Producers and Growers, has taken meticulous quality control from concept to detailed system. We have undertaken this arduous journey for two reasons: 1) As an integral part of the Mediterranean, wine is essential to our lives; 2) Istria is committed to claiming our place in the world of fine wine. 

The power of Europe’s important wine growing regions is their insistence on the characteristics of quality and uniqueness. We believe that the strength of Istria’s wine future lies in the uncompromising quality of our own unique wine – Istrian malvasia. 

The ‘IQ’ certification ensures that every step of the way – from the vineyard, to the winery cellar, to the wine in the bottle – the Istrian malvasia has been grown and produced using the most rigorous quality standards. 

Most importantly, the ‘IQ’ mark is our guarantee to wine lovers worldwide that they can trust and enjoy the wine in the bottle. And rest assured that in the coming years we will continue to take Istrian malvasia to even greater heights.

Ivica Matošević
President of the Association of Istrian Wine Producers and Growers (VinIstra)

Istrian malvasia's greatest recognition

Istrian malvasia... This harmonious, melodic phrase rolls off the tongue, tickles the fantasy, recalls precious memories. In fact, malvasia is much more than just a wine variety - it is a key to Istria’s identity. Like Istria, malvasia is gentle and alluringly. To taste malvasia is to hear the song of Istria.

Today we are witnessing the rise of this exceptional varietal. Cheered on by enthusiastic connoisseurs, malvasia is overcoming the barriers of prejudice. Steeped in history, this gentle wine is becoming a trendsetter. 

The acclaim won’t be achieved through high yields and record-breaking harvests. Quantity is irrelevant. The only criteria that matters here is quality. 

It wasn’t difficult for us to decide that the ‘Q’ in IQ should be a development directive regarding quality, not quantity. Because Istria is a small peninsula, we simply cannot produce a great deal of any one thing. But everything we have is dear to us. 

In countries recognized as stars in the wine universe, quality standards are set by citizens who honor their heritage. The same is true for Istria: we are committed to protecting our region’s natural beauty, history and identity as an important place on the ancient wine road. We are proud of Istria’s natural attributes, and its genetic membership in the prestigious circle of Mediterranean wine growing regions. 

The rules of the game have been set by the standards of the IQ, the Istrian mark of quality. The dedication of Istrian vintners will be rewarded with the greatest recognition: quality on par with Europe’s finest wine regions.