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Main Truffle Species

Tuber aestivum

Tuber aestivum Vitt. (Scorzone)

Usually globose in shape or a little lobed, with black peridium and pyramidal warts with apparent cross stripes. Its gleba, alwasy light in colour, varies from pink to brown and is crossed by many white veins. Its spores are alveolated. 

The largest truffles can be as large as an apple. It is one of the most common truffles; apart from a short break in spring, it can be found all year round also in large quantities, under oaks, hazels, poplars, beeches and pines. It is gathered in central and southern Europe and northern Africa. Its variety uncinatum Fischer (= Tuber uncinatum Chatin) is more appreciated.

Its scent is light, a little earthy, mushroomy, aromatic and pleasant. Since it is found in plenty, it never reaches the prices of the more valued Tuber melanosporum.