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Olive Oil Roads


  • Flos Olei
  • Excellent

A good start for the farm Pucer in Grožnjan, which has proposed two quality products. It is a small estate founded about ten years ago and still run by Diego Pucer. The specialized olive grove extends over 2 hectares with 800 trees. In the last harvest 35 quintals of olives were produced, with a yield of 6 hectolitres of extra virgin olive oil. There are two Extra Virgin selections Viva Diego from Organic Farming: the Monocultivar Carbona and the \"basic\", which we recommend. It is an intense limpid golden yellow colour with light green hues. Its aroma is ample and fine, with distinct vegetal notes of artichoke and wild thistle, enriched by hints of aromatic herbs, especially mint and rosemary. Its taste is complex and harmonic, with a flavour of chicory, lettuce and a distinct spicy note of black pepper and almond. Bitterness and pungency are present and balanced. It would be ideal on porcini mushroom appetizers, bruschette with tomatoes, spinach salads, grilled radicchio, lentil purée, pasta with artichokes, steamed blue fish, roast red meat or game, hard mature cheese.

  • 160 m
  • promiscuous polyconic vase
  • 700
  • by hand
  • continuous, cold press, in 2 phases
  • intensively fruitly
  • from 0 to 0 - lt. 0
  • brown-carbonated soil

Olive oil road: Unutrašnjost